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The oldest written record of Galanta is preserved in a document written by order of King Bel IV. in the years 1237 – 1240 and describes the property of the Pannonhalm Abbey. The deed is stored in the abbey archives.

Another important milestone in the history of the city is the year 1421, when the Esterházy family acquired part of Galanta. Members of this family built important architectural monuments in the city – two mansions. At that time, however, in addition to this family, other aristocratic families also had property here. Galanta was already a noble town in the 16th century.

Probably the first Turkish raids launched Galanta, which had a very convenient location on the way to Bratislava and Vienna. Only after the anti-Habsburg uprising in the 18th century came quieter times for Galanta.

information and much more you can learn directly by visiting historical monuments either in the city of Galanta or in its wider surroundings.

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